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Sex-Specific Reporting of Scientific Research - Workshop Summary : Health and Medicine Division

Terri L. Figures References Related Details. Volume 27 Issue 1 Jan To cite this article: Jennifer L.

Kornstein, Gregory G. Journal of Women's Health.


Jan Close Figure Viewer. Presenters and participants included current and former editors of scientific journals, researchers, and scientists and policymakers from government, industry, and nonprofit organizations.

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Presentations and discussions highlighted the importance to both women and men of having sex-specific data, the problems with sample size and financial constraints for conducting the research, the appropriateness of sex-specific analyses, and the limitations of journal policies to change experimental designs. Sex-Specific Reporting of Scientific Research summarizes the presentations and discussions by the expert panelists during the IOM workshop. The workshop's first session focused on why sex-specific reporting is important.

Panelists highlighted historical and current events that have hindered or helped to advance the study of women. In the next session, panelists in academe discussed the challenges of collecting, analyzing, and reporting sex-specific data from the researcher's perspective. That was followed by two panels of leading journal editors who shared their experiences in developing and implementing editorial policies and the implications of sex-specific reporting policies for journals.

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Read more Read less. However, in recent years, more attention has shifted to women's health, realizing the disparities between men and women in relation to their health. During the last two decades, a similar shift has occurred for a group of women—lesbians—to further identify and specify their health needs.

Lesbian Health: Current Assessment and Directions for the Future takes a frank look at the political pressures, community attitudes and professional concerns uniquely affecting the study of lesbian health issues.

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