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Spiritual power has to be converted to physical power just as radio signals have to be converted into frequencies audible to our physical ear. They are there, but they are on a higher frequency than the human ear can hear. This is the way our answers to prayer come. God moves in the spirit world and gives us our answer by faith, and we convert it into a physical reality through our actions.

That is not to say that we are the one who produced the answer by our own power.

It’s Not That God Didn’t Answer Your Prayers, It’s That You Didn’t Get The Response You Wanted

It is God who works the miracles, but they do come through us. Without Him, we can do nothing, but He has made us joint heirs together with Christ so that He does nothing without us. We have a part to play in receiving from God. Ignorance of this has been our greatest problem. It may be one minute, one day, or one year, but you cannot waiver in your belief that God has already answered your prayer.

God answers immediately. You do receive instantly in your spirit, then it is manifest in the physical later. We don't receive because we don't ask. Jesus said that those who ask receive, and those who seek find, and those who knock will have the door opened for them. We shouldn't expect to receive from the Lord what we didn't pray to Him for. God, of course, loves to bless His people even with surprises.

But He wants us to open our hearts to Him and bond with Him in prayer. And when we pray to Him and get close to Him, we'll know His character and grow dependent on Him, which He likes and handsomely rewards.

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Frankly speaking, if we really love God and have put our faith in Him, why wouldn't we pray? If we merely put our time and attention to our hopes and dreams in the world, we separate ourselves from God! OK, I understand that some can't find the words to say in prayer because they're burdened with so many troubles. That's an even better time to reach out to God!

Does God answer prayers?

Consider Psalm , a psalm written by a person in trouble:. I remembered God, and was troubled; I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed. Selah You hold my eyelids open; I am so troubled that I cannot speak. Can you relate? Then give your troubles to God. Not praying won't help; praying will.

REAL CLIP: Why are my prayers not answered?

Why distance yourself from God when you're in great need of Him? Home Life It's impossible to live the Christian life without prayer. World Evangelical Alliance eyes ambitious global expansion Is the church ready for an urban future? And presuming God exists, how do you know why he did or did not answer the prayers? Are you some sort of prophet that knows the mind of God? What happened to judge not lest ye be judged? Still trying to drive readers to your blog with promises of enlightenment? Is the ad revenue that important to you? Your mileage may vary, and if so inclined, then visit.

I only mention this because I find the strategy of always forcing others to look elsewhere an interesting one, a clever way of never actually having to concede a point. I commend cl for the ingenuity involved. Good additions, Vic and Sarah. It seems the closer we look, the fuzzier this gets. Way to look before you leap, make assumptions, and speak for others.

When praying for healing works — and when it doesn't - Deseret News

It is relevant. According to the Bible, one cannot be saved without faith, and faith is a crucial component of prayer.

I completely agree with the rest of your comment it seems, save for a small quibble here:. While formally valid, I fully respect your right to make oversimplified arguments, and that you declare God unfalsifiable on one hand — then argue that prayer studies are credible on the other — seems contradictory. Quit letting your emotions get in your way, as it adds nothing to rational discussion. Of course you jump to conclusions and overlook the fact that including the link just might have been in the interest of cutting to the chase and avoiding redundancy.

The STEP study is credible and scientific. It meets all criteria for results that are the same to all observers using the same protocol within a predetermined statistical variation. You have offered no scientific evidence to the otherwise. You merely point off into cyberspace, dismissing all with a gut reaction based on your dislike for reality that conflicts with your own.

The comments on CT are truly pathetic. Tell the truth, though: Posting summarized arguments with links to expanded analysis is polite, scholarly and customary in blogging, right? Think Hemant wants the whole argument posted here? So a prayer for faith would be fruitless? So one of the three must be false.

Prayer Is Useless, and Has a Downside

If that was all you did, then no. The New Scientist has an article on it this week. Prayer is only unfalsifiable if you continually make up excuses for it to remain so. STEP all but falsifies intercessory prayer. God is unfalsifiable, just like undetectable gremlins and invisible purple snakes.

The sheer absurdity of a god praying to himself to intervene and stop these humans whom he has complete dominion over from killing him is breathtaking. Prayer is only unfalsifiable if it cannot be falsified. I have not heard a convincing argument from you or anyone that it can, nor have I heard you explain how unfalsifiable Agency entails falsifiable action. Your subsequent comment consisted mostly of personal opinions. You apparently feel omnipotence entails the ability to do that which seems logically impossible, and I disagree.

Except that many prayer studies are carried out not by atheists, but by theists, who actually believe they are going to work. The hardest part is finding someone who is willing to carry out such a study because they think it will work, and finding someone who understands how to plan and run a good clinical study.

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This can be either one person who is both, or collaborators who are willing to work together. The faith-based generally are not big on the scientific method. For example, one recent well-publicised study had one group of patients who were told they were being prayed for, and they were.

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  3. 2. Remember all the ways God has been faithful in the past.?

They had another group of patients who were told they may or may not be prayed for, but were prayed for anyway. There are many more prayer studies on the books. The Mayo Clinic, for example, ran a very well-designed and well-administered study several years before the STEP study. It showed no effect. One by Elisabeth Targ. So dodge noticed. Be intellectually honest — answer the question. All outcomes indicate success. No one does that except the special olympics. In your response, you have effectively made the argument that praying to an invisible blue snake in my closet is a worthwhile endeavor.

Thank you for making my point. If mine was a dodge, yours a Ram van. For you, there is no point in prayer. Others see points in praying. Life goes on, or does it? Take biological death out of the picture. Can you explain that to me?

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  • If such is silly, do you suggest then that prayer is something else besides a request to God? Or that a request can be something other than granted, denied, or postponed? Praying to an invisible blue in your closet may or may not be a worthwhile endeavor. Yes, they might be.