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It's the story behind that shows the real beauty I don't want to say not to follow photography rules or not to edit at all.

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It can help to shoot better pictures and overcome camera limitations. But especially heavy post editing will alter the image to a piece of artwork that probably has nothing to do with the real experience. I've seen pictures like these in the past SOOP threads.

The hundreds of seagulls that followed us in Limski Fjord that made us feel like being part of Hitchcock's Birds… The funny singing tour guide Having to walk up and down the hill several times because I couldn't remember how to get to the most photographed spot in Old Town. An Opening in the city walls to the Sea nicely decorated by the shop owner.

And so on… All I want to say is… You might have a look at your travel photos 10 or 20 years from now and maybe be like "What was I thinking then..? The rest is art… Honestly…? Who am I to mess with your memories… Please be so kind to tell us a bit about where, what, why, with which OnePlus device and how it was shot or edited to give a better perspective..

Now go out there and shoot some beautiful memorable pictures and have fun while you're at it..

The best of luck y'all!!! Nougat Moderator Aug 3, Stickied Post.

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There's no limit. If one member posts more than 5 posts in one month, with more than 1 pic in each post, please do the following: at the end of that month, select yourself your best 5 pictures for the contest, put them in one single additional post, and tag me script with the words: my 5 contest pictures. It is really not possible to review so many pics, especially, when some posts contain several pics that all look like almost the same pic. Thx for understanding. Nougat Moderator Jul 31, Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, Nougat Aug 1, Cupcake Aug 1, Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, Marshmallow Aug 1, Can't wait to see the submissions.

Lollipop Aug 1, Career-high three assists vs. Scored four points in five minutes of fourth quarter in win at Towson. Career-high 10 points on 5-of-7 shooting sparked Raiders win at Navy Played season-high 35 minutes in double-overtime win over Boston University Season-high seven rebounds against both Navy and American Made 10 consecutive starts over one stretch Posted season-high two blocked shots against Army Seven-point game in win over LIU Brooklyn; finished 2-of-3 from field and 3-of-3 from line BCUs are rarely used for important public figures; MCUs are preferred, the camera providing a sense of distance.

Note that in western cultures the space within about 24 inches is generally felt to be private space, and BCUs may be invasive.

Does AI on Honor 10 photos really work?

Angle of shot. The direction and height from which the camera takes the scene.

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In a high angle the camera looks down at a character, making the viewer feel more powerful than him or her, or suggesting an air of detachment. A low angle shot places camera below the character, exaggerating his or her importance.

An overhead shot is one made from a position directly above the action. The apparent distance and angle from which the camera views and records the subject. Not to be confused with point-of-view shots or subjective camera shots. Point-of-view shot POV. A shot made from a camera position close to the line of sight of a performer who is to be watching the action shown in the point-of-view shot.

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A shot of two people together. Selective focus. Rendering only part of the action field in sharp focus through the use of a shallow depth of field. A shift of focus from foreground to background or vice versa is called rack focus. Soft focus. An effect in which the sharpness of an image, or part of it, is reduced by the use of an optical device.

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Wide-angle shot. A shot of a broad field of action taken with a wide-angle lens. Tilted shot. When the camera is tilted on its axis so that normally vertical lines appear slanted to the left or right, ordinary expectations are frustrated.

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Such shots are often used in mystery and suspense films to create a sense of unease in the viewer. In zooming in the camera does not move; the lens is focussed down from a long-shot to a close-up whilst the picture is still being shown. The subject is magnified, and attention is concentrated on details previously invisible as the shot tightens contrast tracking.

It may be used to surprise the viewer. Zooming out reveals more of the scene perhaps where a character is, or to whom he or she is speaking as the shot widens. Zooming in rapidly brings not only the subject but also the background hurtling towards the viewer, which can be disconcerting. Following pan. The camera swivels in the same base position to follow a moving subject.