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He is best remembered for his involvement in Naked Camera , alongside pal, Maeve Higgins. She balances her focus and uses her platform to discuss anything from funny observations and anecdotes to political issues ; her new podcast which is getting sterling reviews is about battling her own fears and insecurities. This funny man came onto the scene in Ireland in the s. He originally moved from the US when he was 14 and soon started to develop observations and comedic commentaries on the Irish — material that would one day shape his stand-up and sketches.

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He regularly plays comedy festivals and shows to great crowds who queue up well in advance to snag tickets. Having studied in Trinity College in Dublin, he always had a knack for showmanship and finally harnessed his talents into a comedic career right as the Millennium turned. He has won tonnes of awards for his stand-up, sketches and sets, written books, plays and even comedy CDs.

This comedy legend is synonymous with Ireland. He has been iconized by his memorable performances in his show Black Books which he starred in and co-wrote , and also has many comedy credits such as Shaun of the Dead and Run Fatboy Run. He does tonnes of stand-up in comedy festivals and is often considered and nominated as one of the leading comedians on the scene today.

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A top 10 Irish comedian list would not be complete without our very own Tommy Tiernan. Not only is he a critically-acclaimed comic, but he is also a writer, actor and presenter. Ireland Before You Die. Banter Best in Ireland Craic Top We were living in northwest Indiana, where I was born.

And, without a real understanding of the heat and humidity that awaited us, we chose the month of August to move to Greater Houston. Specifically, we landed in the small town of Sweeny , near Lake Jackson, where we stayed for a few years.

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Needless to say, the sadistic heat, the turtle-sized cockroaches, and the relational challenges embedded in the stepchild-stepparent dynamic made for some intense culture shock. Then, just as we were starting to adjust, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice transferred Bill to the brand new prison in Hondo.

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So we moved again. Flash forward 26 years to a recording booth at Houston Public Media.

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After a few follow-up questions over an accelerating pulse, I was stunned to discover not only did my stepdad and Siddiq spend time on opposite sides of the bars at the same prison, but they were there at the same time. And Siddiq remembered him.

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I explained to him what my stepfather was like. How sometimes our relationship was quite challenging for me. And how I knew Bill cared for us and our mother on whatever level he was able, in whatever way he was able. When I pressed him about how my stepfather may have treated him, Siddiq said he remembered Sgt. From there, a suddenly personal conversation ensued about the relationship between Texas prisoners and their guards.


Just minutes before, Siddiq was a stranger to me. He was telling me how humor helped him survive incarceration. How it was useful in diffusing potentially violent conflicts behind bars — sometimes between inmates and sometimes between himself and guards. And how he turned all that into a very successful career outside.